We work hard so you don't have to.


We ensure the products we provide are of the quality you expect. We verify that they are safe and sourced from ethically and environmentally acceptable facilities.


Preferred Suppliers & Factory Network:

HALO manages a diverse supply chain consisting of domestic and international suppliers. Factories are considered and selected based on not only commodity category but weighted heavily by a combination of onsite factory visits to ensure social and product safety compliance, as well as capacity and demonstrated quality work output. We maintain a preferred supplier program containing 175 of the top suppliers in the promotional products industry who are reviewed annually. 


Product Safety & Sourcing Protocols:


HALO offers our “Secure Source” product integrity protocol guarantees that the products we sell are compliant with all local, state, national and international laws on product material composition and manufactured in accordance with international labor standards. Every supplier must complete our product safety and social compliance dossier which includes documents related to product testing, product liability insurance, indemnification, recall procedures, and workplace compliance. Product safety and testing information for individual products are available upon request.


HALO employs an in-house team of quality and compliance experts who annually update our compliance dossier and manage our compliance program. This team works directly with our overseas testing and manufacturing partners to ensure quality and safety protocols are enforced, in addition to on-site production inspections. 


As part of our Supplier Code of Conduct, all suppliers and third-party vendors must agree to allow HALO or its agents to conduct audits on facilities and records to confirm compliance with the terms of our agreements.




HALO and our CEO Marc Simon are founding members of our industry’s Product Responsibility Action Group and have been at the forefront of product safety standards in our industry for the last 20 years.